“We were first time home buyers and Andrea was our agent. Although the process wasn't quick for us, she maintained her patience and resolve until we found the right home. There were lots of negotiations with the sellers agents and Andrea navigated that expertly, and even got us a reduction to the sale price!!! Through it all she kept us calm, answered the millions of questions I sent her, and ALWAYS sent us paperwork to sign incredibly promptly. She can put an offer together in an hour! She's amazing. Thank you Andrea!

- Rebecca & BJ, Inglewood, CA 


"We are second time buyers with Andrea.  We had outgrown our condo townhouse on the border of downtown. Although it was a 9 year time span between our first purchase with her and our recent one, we always kept in touch with Andrea and she was always very generous with her time to keep us educated about the market and was able to show us some examples, from time to time, of what our price range would buy. ​Our goal was to find an older, single family home in a neighborhood that still had the potential for growth in value.  Andrea educated us that, in order to purchase an older home (in our case over 100 years old), you might need to spend some money for all types of inspections to know what you are getting into relating to potential repairs (things that cannot be seen by the naked eye such as foundations, mold, roofing and sewer lines). She also told us that we might decide it was not the right property-- even after spending upwards of a couple of thousand dollars on such inspections.  In our case, such inspections educated us about the most important work that would need to be undertaken after closing.  We thought it was the right fit for us and that the home was actually a better value since most people would not want to undertake such work. We absolutely love the home we purchased. We highly recommend her services once again!"
--Adam Bialow 

"When I found out I was pregnant last fall, my husband and I were living in a one room loft downtown so we knew we needed to get in gear! But being creative types we are, we didn't want to just move to some run-of-the-mill house in a boring place. First time parents, first house...you can imagine how demanding we were! Andrea not only found us the home of our dreams on the coolest street in the most unique neighborhood we'd ever seen, but she absolutely saved us during the actual process of buying the home. From the moment she wrote our first offer, to when we felt overwhelmed during the escrow process she always knew how to calm us down and make us feel better. When things with the lender got sticky she completely advocated for us, making calls and chasing people down so we didn't have to. Whenever I was confused or self-conscious about a decision, I could count on her to explain things to me in a clear and competent manner. Many times my husband and I would look at each other and say, "Thank goodness for Andrea," and we really meant it!"

--Gilly and Nathan

"My husband and I were referred to Andrea through a mutual friend who thought we might all get along. We knew nothing about the LA real estate market, had very little money to spend (relatively) but had high hopes. With this we tried to convey a best case scenario house for Andrea. We very quickly found a cool house in a great neighborhood--one that we had not considered until Andrea suggested it--and made an offer. So she's good at the house finding part, yes. However, where I found Andrea to be immensely impressive was in how she advocated for us when we encountered a snafu with the lending agency. She listened when we were scared that things were going to fall apart, she was willing to get on the phone and work on our behalf when we needed back-up and she was able to explain complex issues to us without being patronizing. For something that got so complicated that we had to consult an attorney, we were able to stay relatively calm and just trust that things would work out, largely due to Andrea's incredibly capable guidance. We're not planning on moving since we've found the best house on the coolest block in the very greatest neighborhood, but should we need to move again, we will not hesitate to call Andrea!"

-- Trish, Geoff and Kate

"In 2003, as a first-time home buyer, I was very nervous about choosing the right agent. I then had a few really bad experiences before finally finding Andrea. She made the whole process so incredibly easy. She has a keen sense for understanding exactly what a client is looking for, she's incredibly savvy about how the market works, and is very smart and well-versed in all the ins and outs of real estate. Every question I've ever had, she's been able to answer with immediacy and total accuracy. In 2011, when I decided to purchase another home, I called Andrea immediately. She found exactly what we were looking for. And, again, the whole process was a dream. In the eight years I’ve known her, she’s assisted several friends and acquaintances with purchasing homes. They’ve all been delighted with her expertise and service. Stop looking for an agent and contact Andrea immediately. You will find no one better."

-- Rebecca Alber

"Andrea Dunlop is fearless and spirited, much like the aviation pioneer Amelia Earheart, willing to go nonstop and to great lengths for her clients. After a nearly year-long search viewing countless homes and making multiple offers in a tumultuous market, Andrea successfully found us a great house that was just perfect for our family. She was tenacious, attentive, knowledgable, accessible and kind. When we relocated out-of-state for work, Andrea not only helped us sell our home at the last minute and in a very short period of time, but also flawlessly executed the entire process in the upmost professional manner. We couldn't be more happy to recommend her to everyone we know (and everyone we don't!) and while she can no longer be our agent (until she gets her Oregon real estate license), she will always be our friend."

-- Chris and Wendy

"Andrea assisted us with a townhouse purchase in the Chinatown area of Downtown Los Angeles. She was extremely patient with us, took the time to answer and/or research many of our questions and helped us navigate the challenges of dealing with other agents and sellers during a time that the market was close to its peak. Once she knew what our tastes were, we greatly appreciated her visiting different open houses and letting us know whether the quality of renovations were worthy of taking a look ourselves. Many times there were places that we were interested in that Andrea told us was not for us due to the quality of the work. This definitely made her stand out from the other agents we met with prior to using her exclusively. We love our home, but since our family is expanding, we are now starting our search with Andrea to find something larger. We highly recommend her services."

---Adam Bialow

"I will never work with any agent other than Andrea! My demands were high and my price point was low which meant that Andrea spent months working with me before we found the right property - but never did her energy or enthusiasm wane. She guided me through the process with great knowledge, experience, patience and support. I have referred her to everyone I know and am already looking forward to a time when I get to work with her again."

-- Victoria Simon, Ph.D. Director, Project 180

"Andrea Dunlop at Sotheby's Los Feliz just gracefully, quickly and easily sold our house as a normal sale. This is a house that 2 other realtors told us to short sale. Andrea believed in our home, stood by her price point and made this happen for us. The luckiest day of our recent lives was the day that we met Andrea, there's no way we could recommend her more."

-- Gina V.

"We bought, and sold, two homes with Andrea. As first-time home buyers, (with all of the accompanying jitters and questions) her guidance through two successful, and quick, purchases and sales was unsurpassed. We can't imagine going through those experiences without Andrea's knowledge and support."

-- Lisa and Trevor Vasey

"Andrea helped us buy our first home and we are so grateful. The process was easy and fun, not stressful! Andrea's role as an agent goes above and beyond the paperwork. I continue to consult with Andrea on our home renovations because I value her design aesthetic and knowledge of the market. She is always available and I appreciate feeling like I am her only client."

-- Malika Cohen, Pasadena

"How could you ever want any other realtor? Not only is Andrea the best realtor I know, she's one of my favorite people. She's thorough, easygoing, conscientious, infinitely patient, and has an amazing sense of humor (necessary in day-to-day life, but absolutely indispensable in real estate, I'm convinced). Most important, perhaps, is that Andrea has the rare ability to shut up and listen. In her business, I've found, most realtors are interested in telling you what you want, instead of listening carefully, and then going to find what you're looking for. Full disclosure, I've never sold a house through Andrea, only bought. But our buying experience with her exceeded our expectations. I've already recommended her to several friends and acquaintances, and to a person, every one has had a similarly excellent experience with her. I can't express enough how strongly I recommend Andrea. She's the best!"

-- Sam M., Echo Park

"As first time buyers, we had no idea how to navigate the entire process. Andrea was amazing to work with; she was helpful, informative, and incredibly patient with us and our craziness. From the beginning, it felt like we had known each other forever, which helped us feel even more comfortable and confident in the decisions we were making."

-- Jennifer and Billy W., Hancock Park

"I had used other agents and then discovered Andrea and never looked back. She is very knowledgeable, extremely dedicated to the task and does her very best to honor your wishes. I have referred her to other people as well and everyone has been satisfied with the high level of service. You will be hard pressed to find a better agent whether you are selling or buying!"

-- Allan D., Los Angeles

"Not only were we first time buyers, we were looking for a property that we could renovate to our specifications since Jason owns his own architectural practice. She must have showed us 100 properties before we finally put in an offer. Nights, weekends; she took the time to make us comfortable and understood the process. Our offer was very aggressive but with Andrea’s help negotiating through a complicated sales scenario, we were able to get the property we chose well below market value, with very favorable escrow terms. All of her inspector referrals were fantastic."

-- Shannah Field

"As nervous, first time home buyers, in 2005, we knew we needed someone very patient and knowledgeable to guide us through everything and Andrea was that person. She is fantastic. She really listens to what you, the home buyer, wants, is always available and will happily talk you through everything until you understand, in my case at least 5 times! We love the house Andrea found for us and, had she not seen it ahead of time and convinced me of its charms, it would not be ours today. As our family grows and we dip our toes into thinking of buying a bigger place, we only do so knowing we have Andrea there to guide us."

-- Emily and Dave, Eagle Rock

"We used Andrea to sell our last home and we have been utilizing her knowledge ever since. She honestly looked out for our best intentions throughout the process. Working with her was such a great experience that the buyers of our home wished that they had her as well. We continue to recommend her to any of our friends who are considering a move!"

-- Brian and Karen, West Adams

"Andrea patiently researched houses for me over a year before I found one that I could afford on my small, first-timers budget. She was much more interested in my safety and me making a sound investment, rather than making a quick sale. Once we found the right place, she negotiated the heck out of the deal and walked me through every step until I was settled into my dream home. I would proudly refer Andrea to anyone looking to buy a home in Los Angeles!"

-- Megan R., Mid-City

"Andrea was the perfect agent to help us buy our first home. She worked diligently with us for many months to find a great property within our limited budget. Her close knowledge of the neighborhood allowed her to spot our house as soon as it came on the market and got us in to see it before anyone else. This proved important, as the property received a dozen offers. Andrea helped us negotiate the multiple counter offer process with grace and poise, and then expertly represented our interest by holding the sellers to a strict interpretation of the sales agreement when they started getting shifty. We managed to buy a fantastic home at a remarkable price and we never could have done it without such a remarkable agent."

-- Owen and Molly, West Adams

"We couldn't have bought our home without Andrea. Our situation was unique because we bought a duplex with another couple. Andrea knew exactly how to handle our needs and always did it with a smile. We highly recommend her to anyone!"

-- Hilary and Scott, Westchester

"Andrea was always a pleasure to work with. I felt supported every > step of the way as a first time buyer, and have recommended her > services to friends numerous times since purchasing my house in > Glassell Park in 2010. She is super friendly and down to earth and > works extremely hard and is fun"

-- Katie H

"After working with another realtor who clearly did not have our best interests in mind, my husband and I were amazed at how instantly comfortable we were with Andrea. She consistently gave us down-to-earth, honest feedback about the houses we looked at. She is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and professional. But above all, her pleasant, easygoing demeanor made the house buying process seem easy."

-- Rebecca and Alan, Eagle Rock

"Savvy, resourceful, and efficient, Andrea is remarkable in every way. She championed for our family through a difficult double escrow over the Christmas season and we are thrilled with our new home. Thanks, Andrea!"

-- Michelle and Matt T., Windsor Hills

"Andrea is the anti-salesperson: She is patient, thoughtful, educational, and extremely knowledgeable about both the selling and buying sides of real estate. She considers situations from many angles, especially from your perspective. I thank her for all her efforts on my behalf from the big stuff to the details."

-- Albert C., Mid-City

"Andrea is amazing. We looked for a house for over 2 years. She was patient with us as we searched for the perfect house. Andrea was quick to understand what we wanted and found homes for us to look at that matched our wants and needs. We felt very secure during the negotiations of our potential new home as Andrea is well informed on finalizing a deal and ensuring her clients understand each step and get the best deal possible. We recommend Andrea to all our friends and can’t express how easy, relaxed and fun the whole experience was. We love our new house."

-- Nik and Jeffrey, Silver Lake